Factoring Services

Factoring is a complex of financial services for manufacturers and suppliers conducting trading activities on deferred payment terms. The main activity of the factoring company is lending to suppliers by repurchasing short-term receivables.

The factoring operation usually involves three persons: a factor – the purchaser of the claim, the supplier of the goods (creditor), and the buyer of the goods (debtor).

Financing receivables and other factoring services will allow you to use effectively all the working capital of your company. This will help in a short period of time to increase sales growth and contribute to the rapid development of the business. Due to this, your company will be able to expand its market share, increase its competitiveness and increase total profits.

The main benefits of factoring services are the lack of need for material collateral and a significantly smaller role for the client’s financial condition.

Factoring with MARYANNI & PARTNERS gives our clients an opportunity to receive funds for unpaid claim and invoices not from the payer himself, but from a specialized company, that is, us.

When you contact MARYANNI & PARTNERS, you get much more flexible working conditions than when you receive a loan. This gives your company more opportunities to work effectively with current assets.

As a part of the MARYANNI & PARTNERS factoring service, your company will receive:

  • unsecured financing of supplies with deferred payment;
  • reduction of risks associated with the provision of deferred payment;
  • effective work with receivables;
  • information and analytical services.

Having many years of experience working with the tools of attracting the necessary financing for small and medium-sized businesses, MARYANNI & PARTNERS offers you services for purchasing invoices issued by your company in order to manage its debt requirements.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS aims to solve the problems of reducing risks and optimizing the timing of payments in relations between suppliers and buyers, giving such relationships greater stability.