MARYANNI & PARTNERS specializes in the creation, implementation and development of FinTech companies.

Regardless of whether you run a corporation with a history or a start-up, we offer you our practical knowledge and professionalism, formed over the years of successful work, helping to get the maximum benefits and new opportunities from the FinTech industry.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS is committed to supporting companies that seek to increase productivity, efficiency and profitability by providing a wide range of financial and technical services at the corporate level.

Working individually in Europe and the Middle East, we have been praised by international business organizations and partners with a worldwide reputation.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS offers a unique program, which consists of the following services:

– company registration;
– account opening;
– preparation of a business model;
– updating the existing business model;
– legal opinions of national financial market regulators;
– issue of payment cards;
– obtaining a license in VISA, MasterCard, JCB;
– registration of a payment intermediary;
– connection to SEPA;
– SWIFT registration;
– assistance in obtaining IBAN;
– team training;
– consideration of processes for protecting funds;
– approval of processes with a regulator;
– updating processes to meet regulatory requirements;
– consulting support.

We collaborate with leading industry experts and programmers and have formed a unique advisory team that is ready to accompany clients on the path of developing and managing their business.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS is committed to becoming the leader in the FinTech industry.