Merger and Acquisition Services

It is rather difficult to imagine the modern world economy without mergers and acquisitions (hereinafter – M&A, short for “Merger and Acquisition”), without attracting investments, restructuring processes, and optimizing the structure of enterprises.

M&A deals represent an effective tool for implementing a modern business strategy aimed at increasing market share, geographically expanding business, optimizing costs, increasing value added, and they also provide many other opportunities for business development.

As a part of the merger and acquisition services of legal entities, our company produces:

  • legal assessment of the legality of the seller’s ownership right for shares of a company that is the subject of a purchase and sale transaction;
  • legal expertise of all transactions on the alienation of shares of the company since its inception, the company of the enterprise;
  • collection of information on the availability of movable/immovable assets, industrial (intellectual) property, as well as the other rights from the acquired company;
  • analysis and legal assessment of title documents on the company’s property objects;
  • preparation of a conclusion with an assessment of the legal and financial risks associated with the acquisition of the object;

development of a set of activities and a set of documents for maximum effective transaction.