Registration and Liquidation of Companies

Registration of companies is the first and most necessary step towards the implementation of a business, which can be helped by the consulting company MARYANNI & PARTNERS, assisting you at all the stages of business registration.
Consulting company MARYANNI & PARTNERS will be useful for you not only in terms of business registration, but also for its liquidation.
The implementation of the registration and liquidation of the company allows you to save time, money, and, importantly, nerves, and this is quite relevant for different categories of customers.

We will help you to choose the optimal jurisdiction for the company, choose the size of the share capital, select the list of activities suitable for you, and choose the organizational and legal form of ownership. Our experts are ready to undertake all operations related to the registration, and, in the long-term view, to undertake complete support of your business.

Whatever your wishes, goals, conditions, opportunities, specificity of an exact case, you can be sure to get an individual approach from our company and the highest quality performance of your task.

The liquidation of a company is usually a long and laborious process. This procedure includes many stages, each of which is of great importance: if you miss something at one stage, you can significantly delay the next one or even make it impossible. That is why for most businessmen the liquidation of a company is a complex and confusing process.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS has relevant experience in providing liquidation services and guarantees the completion of your company’s operations in the safest, risk-free, and fast way.

MARYANNI & PARTNERS achieves a positive result related to the registration or liquidation of a business in both low-tax and prestigious jurisdictions, such as Europe, the USA, and Canada.