Trust Creation

To date, trusts are considered the most effective organizations so that a person can manage assets.

The considerable experience gained by the specialists of MARYANNI & PARTNERS in creating a trust and in supporting its activities makes it possible to use fully and effectively all the advantages of this organizational form, taking into account all the wishes of our clients.

By contacting MARYANNI & PARTNERS to create a trust, you will receive:

  • protection of property and assets from raiders;
  • protection of property and assets from creditors’ claims;
  • protection of property from family members;
  • protection of property from the state;
  • tax optimization;
  • creation of an alternative method of inheritance;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of the actual ownership of the property.

A trust is an effective way to own property for both personal and business purposes. This tool allows you to maintain anonymity, providing a wide range of applications.