International Consulting Services

As your personal adviser, MARYANNI & PARTNERS is primarily acquainted with the business processes of your company for a comprehensive understanding of all requirements and goals.

Audit Services

The audit services provided by MARYANNI & PARTNERS include annual audits, preparation and analysis of financial statements.

Accounting Services

MARYANNI & PARTNERS offers high-quality accounting services, allowing its clients to focus on business development, while our specialists will take care of the finances of your business.

Tax Planning Services

Consulting company MARYANNI & PARTNERS will help legally to reduce the tax burden and create the most effective individual schemes of work both for the long term and for the nearest period of time, adjusting to the specific situation.

Registration and Liquidation of Companies

The implementation of the registration and liquidation of the company allows you to save time, money, and, importantly, nerves, and this is quite relevant for different categories of customers.


MARYANNI & PARTNERS specializes in the creation, implementation and development of FinTech companies.

Factoring Services

Factoring is a complex of financial services for manufacturers and suppliers conducting trading activities on deferred payment terms. The main activity of the factoring company is lending to suppliers by repurchasing short-term receivables.

Trust Creation

To date, trusts are considered the most effective organizations so that a person can manage assets.

Merger and Acquisition Services

It is rather difficult to imagine the modern world economy without mergers and acquisitions (hereinafter – M&A, short for “Merger and Acquisition”), without attracting investments, restructuring processes, and optimizing the structure of enterprises.

Residence Permit, Permanent Residence and Citizenship

To get residence permit or permanent residence in a European country is a rational and practical step.

Concierge Service

MARYANNI & PARTNERS provides exceptional personal concierge services.

Charity and Sponsorship

Sponsorship and charity activities reflect the desire of MARYANNI & PARTNERS to contribute to the harmonious development of society.